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  • Carole Yallop (Saturday, February 04 17 09:07 am GMT)

    I was extremely nervous at the thought of having eye lash extensions, however really wanted to try them for my daughters wedding day recently.

    How pleasantly surprised I was as it was a fabulous experience and all my concerns proved to be unnecessary.

    Jenna was very caring and reassuring throughout the whole process and my extensions were very much provided as per my request - subtle!!

    I would recommend Lash Lust to anyone, especially to us more mature ladies who may be nervous of the outcome.

    Thank you Jenna.

  • Michelle Wright (Thursday, January 19 17 03:50 pm GMT)

    Jenna and Tilly are absoloutely fantastic! Myself, my sister and my mum all went along together before my wedding to get lash extensions (my mum and sister for the first time). We were all absoloutely thrilled with the outcome of our lashes, all having different customised lashes to suite our requirements. Jenna did the most fabulous volume lashes for myself (bride) and a classic look for my mum who was utterly terrified she was too old for lash extensions and very nervous about having them done! Tilly did a beautiful classic look on my sister. We are all now lash addicts and will be going back monthly for infills as we cannot bare the thought of not having them on! Just had a cheeky infill for the honeymoon and love them once again!!! An amazing experience with kind and lovely women at lash lust! Jenna is super experienced and is very helpful when deciding what lashes to have as the options are endless! Thank you so much Jenna and Tilly!

  • Jasmine (Thursday, January 12 17 04:56 pm GMT)

    In love with my new lashes - thank you Tilly. Re-booked of course!

  • Grace (Thursday, January 12 17 04:54 pm GMT)

    Beth, thank you for saving my lashes!! I had a cheap set done by another technician in surrey and I am so pleased as if I hadn't of had them done I wouldn't have met Beth! Beth spent time separating my lashes that felt heavy and stuck together before applying the best set of extensions I have ever had!! I will from now on only be trusting the Lash Lust girls as clearly their passion and care is second to none. Thank you again!!

  • Sophie (Thursday, January 12 17 04:48 pm GMT)

    Have my lashes done regularly by Jenna, she is AMAZING! When I say no one compares I really do mean it!! Lash Expert doesn't come close.. she is genius! Thank you for making me feel effortlessly glam again :) I am forever fluttering as every girl should ;)

  • Maria Halkias (Thursday, October 06 16 10:58 pm BST)

    Jenna is absolutely amazing! I wouldn't go anywhere else again! You simply cannot compare to the rest! Maria

  • Amy (Thursday, August 27 15 11:31 am BST)

    OMG WOW Jenna !

    Thankyou so much for my new beautiful fluffy thick black lashes!!!! I can't believe them I can't stop looking At them!! I no longer have short straight non existent lashes and I have definitely been
    converted and now have a lash addiction , it's only been 12 hours since having them applied and I've rebooked with yourself for infills!!! My coffees per day and all other necessities I thought once
    were a must will have to be put on hold for my new LOVE

  • julie Spencer (Thursday, March 26 15 11:54 am GMT)

    Fantastic set of D Lashes absolutely love them Thank you Jenna, If anyone suffers with shorter lashes try Revitalash its amazing ....This really does work :-)

  • Lauren (Friday, February 06 15 03:47 pm GMT)

    Beautiful lashes once again by the amazing Jenna! I can never thank her enough for transforming my eyelashes. Always greeted with a warm welcome and enjoy a nice chit chat whilst relaxing and getting
    my lash extensions. Thanks again! x

  • Dawn (Friday, January 09 15 10:12 am GMT)

    Jenna is amazing, i love my lashes and could not be without them. My lashes where in a really bad way after years of curling when i first went to see Jenna and she has completly transformed them.
    They are now long and healthy.I get so many lovely comments. Totally addicted. Thank you Jenna. xx

  • Lucy (Tuesday, December 23 14 11:02 am GMT)

    In love with my new lashes! Jenna listened to exactly what I asked for. Lashes are light and full giving great definition. Perfect!

  • Sarah (Sunday, October 26 14 11:17 am GMT)

    Amazing lash application by jenna! I have been to many lash "specialists" and having my last set ruin my lashes I decided to do my research and found jenna and her many many positive reviews so I
    made the journey to her studio.. I am sooooo glad I did! The best lashes I have ever seen! So full yet so light it doesnt even feel like you have anything on! My lashes are literally perfect and
    exactly what I wanted! She really listened and understood what I wanted! Thank you so much Jenna! See you soon for infills!

  • Carol Benatallah (Thursday, August 14 14 11:47 am BST)

    Beautiful lashes by a very professional lovely lady. I'm so chuffed with my lashes.

  • Rosie Grant (Friday, June 27 14 11:57 am BST)

    Highly recommend Jenna after I had extensions put on by somebody and hated them. She restored my faith and am incredibly happy she persuaded me to come and see her. Thanks Jenna!

  • Lisa Holder (Thursday, March 27 14 11:19 am GMT)

    Jenna is absolutely fantastic at what she does, I had a full set of 100 per eye & the results were beautiful! I will definitely be using Jenna's services next time I go on holiday! 10/10 highly
    recommend! :)

  • Charlotte (Friday, February 28 14 03:32 pm GMT)

    I have been visiting Jenna at the Cobham Clinic since Christmas and I have to say I'm thrilled with my lashes!
    I feel that now after my forth appointment we have perfected the correct length and thickness of lash to suit me.
    I can't imagine not having them now!

  • Natalie Overton (Wednesday, November 27 13 03:42 pm GMT)

    I started seeing Jenna this May before I went on holiday. As a treat to myself I thought I'd get a spray tan done, nails done and lashes put on and I honestly thought of the 3 of those treatments,
    the lashes would be the last I would keep up...how wrong I was! I LOVE my lashes. Jenna is a real expert in her field. I've had lashes done badly elsewhere in the past and this is just a totally
    different experience. They are so well done even the lady who threads my eyebrows (who also does extensions) had to ask me if they were real...she had to admit they were excellent! My lashes always
    look amazing and its a real fortnightly treat to have a lovely lie down and a good chin wag! Worth every penny. Be warned though, once you start you will never want to stop...and you'll always have
    people commenting on how lovely they look! Weybridge and Cobham's best kept secret!

  • Emily Macmillan (Sunday, November 03 13 04:13 pm GMT)

    Jenna applied blue lashes recently for a wedding that I was attending. I was extremely happy with how they looked and had so many lovely comments from friends. Cannot recommend Jenna enough.

  • Cathy (Thursday, August 22 13 06:55 am BST)

    I have always been so envious of people with lovely long, thick lashes as mine were sparse and short. I am allergic to so many things, including plasters so was concerned about having something glued
    to my lashes especially as I was going on a cruise sh would be unable to do anything if a problem arose.

    I needn't have worried, Jenna painstakingly added mink lashes to my stubby ones and for the first time ever I had the lashes I dreamed of.

    I have just had my infills and can't imagine being without these lovely lashes. They are so worth it, I feel more confident and getting ready to go out is so quick and easy. Thank you Jenna

  • Kathryn (Tuesday, August 06 13 11:34 am BST)

    Huge thanks to Jenna who was gentle, caring and through with this lash first timer! I chose the £96 package and it was worth every penny as my eyes looked amazing on my wedding day.
    I have very curly eyelashes which often make a ring of black smudges on my eyelids when I wear mascara. With semi permanent lashes I wore NO MASCARA on my wedding day and looked fab. The lashes
    looked natural yet enhanced my other make up.
    Jenna is really professional and patient (especially with my tricky natural curly lashes!) and I can recommended her highly.
    The lashes lasted well and evenly into my honeymoon and meant I didn't need to wear mascara for a fortnight! Bonus!!

  • Sarah Gavin (Wednesday, July 10 13 07:36 pm BST)

    Jenna is an absolute angel put on the earth to rescue brides in distress who need beautiful, natural looking but "wow factor" lashes! Jenna went out of her way to fit in me in the week before my
    wedding and all I can say is "wow"! The lashes completed my wedding look in a way I couldn't have imagined. The lashes look so natural and yet you really get the length and curl you'd never get using
    even the best mascara. The experience is actually extremely relaxing and the quality of Jenna's service is too draw. If you are contemplating eyelash extensions, look no further! A million thanks and

  • Maddie (Tuesday, July 02 13 11:57 am BST)

    Thanks for doing my lashes Jenna!! They looked great at my prom! They still look amazing

  • Dominique (Monday, June 17 13 10:11 am BST)

    Having been a client of Jenna's for over a year now, I literally can not go without my eyelash extensions never have I been disappointed. I love how Jenna does them and will now miss them...
    I used to live in esher, and would go and see Jenna in cobham every time i needed an infill. Due to my partners proffession I had to move to Bristol. Moving would mean I had to try and find somewhere
    else that did eyelash extensions. Asking around a friend of mine recommended a girl that had been doing lashes for 8years, having heard the problems that many people have had in the past from getting
    extensions and not being happy with them due to people entering the industry and not having much experience or knowledge of applying the lashes, I thought I was going to be in safe hands. Little do I
    know I was about to make the worst decision ever....
    I got my infills done by this lady, who like I said had been doing them for 8 years (apparently) when she was finished they looked stunning, they did feel heavier than normal but they looked
    I had them done in the morning, led a normal day and then went to bed. I woke in the middle of the night with the streaming, swollen and sore eyes.
    The eyelashes were so heavy that they were pulling my eyes down and making me look like I had droopy eyes. What made things even worse was that I was going away early that morning, obviously I had to
    keep these things on my eyes and try and deal with it by myself. Your not supposed to touch your lashes normally, to try and keep them for as long as possible and to assure you don't pull your own
    eyelashes out... This was not an option for me, I was away for a week and played with my eyes the whole time. I googled what people advised in how to get them off, noticed that someone mentioned
    using oil, tried this, had oil in my eyes it didn't work... At this point I was getting so upset with myself, that I had basically rushed into getting infills by someone I had jut heard had 8 years
    As the week went on, I managed to get my nails under many of the lashes, some came off, some I had to pull off. Pulling out the eyelashes I could see what the women had done, she had stuck 4 of my
    own eyelashes one fake one, they were so thing and sharp, where I'm used to having light thin soft ones from Jenna. Eyelash extension are suppost to be put on individually so they fall out
    By the end of the holiday I managed to get rid of them all, thank god!
    It was a relief but I needed to see Jenna as I trusted her, and I was concerned about my own eyelashes because it was very clear I had lost and split basically all of my own.
    I contacted Jenna and told her i need new eyelahes and i needed to come and see her. When i got there ready to go again, after she saw and heard what had happened and the state of my own lashes, she
    gave me the option whethwr i wanted them or not, but said i think you need to give them a break after the way they were looking due to me having the awful things on. I respected Jenna so much for
    this, yes I have been going for a year but she could of sat there and said yes, I'll do them brand new set full price thanks for coming that's business.... But instead she advised what was best for
    me and not herself which living in London is hard to come across.
    So I've left them, and until I find someone properly who I have seen their work and the lashes they use I am not having them done again. Which for anyone who knows me, is painful!! I used to love my
    lashes couldn't go without.
    The moral of the story is, don't rush into letting someone stick things on your lashes, it cost a bit to get them done but from experience it's better to spend a bit more than ruin your own
    There are people out there who should not be allowed to go anywhere near people but they can... Do your homework!
    ( And go to Jenna!!!)

  • Sara (Sunday, April 21 13 08:20 pm BST)

    Hi Jenna I cant thank you enough for transforming my eyes and giving me back my self confidence. You were so gentle and professional throughout the lash application and lash infill. I have had so
    many lovely comments and they are all thanks to you. Many thanks for taking so much care.

  • Nadine (Thursday, March 28 13 07:26 pm GMT)

    Jenna! This message is to thank you for a fab job!!!
    The compliments are coming thick and fast! I'll be sure to pass your details to all interested!

  • Karin (Tuesday, November 27 12 08:18 pm GMT)

    A lovely introduction to Beautiful Lashes! I immediately felt comfortable with Jenna and by looking at the results she is a master technician. Thanks so much.

  • Susie Woods (Thursday, October 18 12 05:09 pm BST)

    I've been having lash extensions on and off for the past year or so, and Lash Lust has proved to provide the best service by a long way. Jenna is friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and offers
    good sound advice about what style of lashes will suit you and for the look you're trying to achieve. Recommended by a friend who'd had her lashes extended by Jenna, I don't want to go anywhere else
    now. What a find. Well done Jenna!

  • Melanie (Friday, June 15 12 05:57 pm BST)

    So pleased to have found an expert using quality materials who is really gentle and takes great pride in her work ! I am very nervous about having someone anywhere near my eyes and couldn't bear the
    thought of having contact lenses, but Jenna was very calm and gentle and made me feel very safe. The result is absolutely outstanding and I am delighted. ! Thank you again. No hesitation to

  • Wendy (Wednesday, March 14 12 10:46 am GMT)

    Thank you so very much. I am totally delighted and so pleased that i found you. Your lashes look fabulous and i shall tell all my friends about you. I have only had my lashes done twice before at
    salons and was not terribly pleased as they did look rather fake- yours are totally different. They look amazing and still do.

  • Jen (Sunday, February 19 12 01:18 pm GMT)

    I have had lash extensions at a number of salons and can honestly say Jenna's lashes are the best. They look amazing and last for ages. The ultimate proof of a great beauty treatment is when other
    women are envious of the result - I get lots of envious comments for Jenna's lashes - I won't go anywhere else now!

  • Denise (Wednesday, February 01 12 09:50 pm GMT)

    I ADORE what you did for me on Tues Jenna. Really natural. I look awake and alive when I look in the mirror in the morning. Thank you x

  • Danielle (Friday, January 20 12 12:17 pm GMT)

    I started having my lashes done for special occasions like my birthday or going on holiday, but I can honestly say that I’m now addicted!!

    Jenna is amazing at giving you the “look” you want, from natural longer looking lashes, to a more fuller style! I’m constantly getting compliments and people asking me what mascara I use, which I am
    pleased about as I don’t want them looking obviously fake! I am not sure if it is just me, but I think when I have Mink lashes they look darker overall that then synthetics, but both styles are
    amazing and a great confidence boost!

    I have tried other beauticians but was disappointed when I had them taken off as my lashes seemed damaged afterwards, but with Jenna I’ve never had that! So if you’re having any hesitations, there is
    no need!!

  • Disney Eyes (Thursday, January 19 12 06:27 pm GMT)

    I can honestly say I would not go elsewhere for my lashes, Jenna without fail makes me eyes look beautiful from the second I wake up in the morning. I have long lashes but they are fair so I used to
    coat my eyelashes in mascara which resulted in either sleeping in it or panda eyes. Thanks to her beautiful little black lashes I don't have that problem anymore. Genius - see you soon Jenna, love
    Disney eyes xxxxx

  • mandy akers (Monday, January 02 12 02:11 pm GMT)

    Have had Mink lashes put on by Jenna and will never have anything else again they are beautiful .. I love them..........

  • Lee-Ann Brooks (Wednesday, December 14 11 11:46 am GMT)

    Am beyond happy with my lahes! I was really nervous as was my first time with EE but Jenna put me at ease and now I can see me fast becoming a lash addict! Thanks Jenna!

  • Michelle (Thursday, June 16 11 09:28 pm BST)

    The first time I had my eyelashes done the technician had really hurt my eyes to the point where I was in lots of pain and was ready to go to the doctors. I vowed never to get them done again!! My
    friend recommended her technician Jenna and she was amazing! She was gentle and gave me a thorough consultation before applying my extensions. She recommended styles, lengths and thicknesses that she
    thought would suit me and also used these amazing pads under my eyes for my sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend her and have been visiting regularly since February.

  • Jenna Jenna Jenna (Friday, June 03 11 06:29 pm BST)


    *****The winner of the 30min infill is Lorraine*****

  • Samantha Bucksey (Tuesday, May 31 11 08:33 pm BST)

    Thanks for my infill Jenna. What more could I ask for after a hard day at work, a lie down to relax and a gorgeous set of eye lashes. I might looked a bit knackered but my eyes look bloody

    I am so excited to try the coloured lashes next time. Just need to decide which colour but they all look tempting. Maybe I'll go for the rainbow effect!!

    See you again soon. X X

  • Lorraine (Tuesday, May 31 11 05:04 pm BST)

    I love having my eyelashes done by Jenna. I feel like i don’t have to put any makeup on, i wake up in the morning and look human without 3 hours of facial reconstruction lol. It’s great.

  • Clare (Monday, May 30 11 11:11 pm BST)

    I love my eyelashes! I have had lots of compliments and people wondering why I look so well. I have fallen asleep each time I have been to see Jenna, a very relaxing experience, and I highly
    recommend her. She always makes sure you are completely happy and takes great care. Thank you.

  • Corine (Wednesday, May 25 11 02:34 pm BST)

    My lashes are fabulous. As my son would say: "Mum, you look like the Queen now, but much younger!"
    Thank you Jenna!

  • Samantha Bucksey (Sunday, May 15 11 06:01 pm BST)

    I love my Lash Lust eyelashes so much I could never be without them now. Jenna has shown me the way to eye lash heaven and there is no way that I am going back to mascara hell!!

    I had a full set in April and since then I have had regular in fills to keep them at their best.
    Jenna at Lash Lust is very friendly and welcoming. All you have to do is lie back, relax and your new lashes will be carefully attached.
    I've never had any problems with my lashes and have found them easy to look after.

    Thank you so much Jenna for showing me the way to eye lash heaven, every woman should try them at least once.

    See you again soon. X X X X X

  • Emily Loughton (Friday, May 13 11 02:08 pm BST)

    OMG I love my lashes, I didnt want them too long and was worried too may ppl would notice they were fake, but Jenna made them look stunning yet natural!!! THANKS SOOO MUCH

  • Laura (Wednesday, March 16 11 05:39 pm GMT)

    Oh my goodness, I love them! I wasn't sure, but I am so glad I just booked it. Im off on holiday and after having had these in a few days now can really see what a benefit they'll be. I will be back!
    Thanks for being so gentle Jenna! xxxxxxxxxx

  • Steph Lane (Thursday, March 10 11 12:56 pm GMT)

    Thank you for my lashes, they make my eyes look so much nicer - I think I am hooked already! xx

  • Samantha Rix (Saturday, March 05 11 03:03 pm GMT)

    Thank you so much for my lovely eyelashes, they are light and natural and really accentuate my eyes. I have had loads of comments. I was really apprehensive at first, but seeing as this is my second
    visit, I feel it is safe to say I am over that now. thanks Jenna I love them. See you next time.

  • Faye Blake (Wednesday, March 02 11 09:41 pm GMT)

    Love my lashes, they save time and look amazing, can't stop looking at them. Thank you will be back for more.

  • Anne Johnson (Wednesday, March 02 11 06:53 am GMT)

    Thank you for my loveley, long, luscious lashes x

  • Rebecca Fisher (Tuesday, March 01 11 07:41 pm GMT)

    Well, I am not a beauty kind of person, and I simply adore my new lashes. People who have noticed them, just think I have a fab mascara, not fake looking at all, just lovely long lashes.
    Thanks Jenna.

  • Hannah Ashour (Monday, February 28 11 11:03 pm GMT)

    Thank you soooo much for my lashes - they are beautiful and I love them!


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