Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

No, this is a pain free treatment. Slip off your shoes, lay back on the beauty couch and Jenna will gently tape down your lower lashes... you just relax....


How long will my eyelash enhancements last?

They will fall out naturally with your natural lash at the end of its cycle; this cycle is approximately 90 days but can last much longer. As your natural lashes are individual they will fall out at different times. So infills are required after a few weeks to keep a full look. The expectancy is 2-8 weeks with the majority finding they would like an infill at 3-4 weeks. If you have sensitive eyes, and require the sensitive glue; your enhancements may not remain in place for quite so long as this glue is slightly weaker.

How often will I have to have them infilled?

That depends on how many you have. The more lashes you have the longer between infills. The longer between infills, the more lashes you will need to get them back to a fuller look.


Can I wear contact lenses?

Yes, you can wear contact lenses after the treatment is complete.


Can I wear them on holiday/honeymoon?

There are few better times to have eyelash enhancements than for your big day or holiday! 


Can I bring someone with me while I have the treatment?

Yes you may, but no young children please, treatment times are not suitable.

Will I feel the lash enhancement on my eyes, or see them when I look around?

They are super light, so no you will completely forget they are there (until you look in the mirror!), and no you will not see them when you look around. However, if you wear glasses it’s probably best you do not have them super long as they might touch the glass.


Will my new eyelash enhancements harm my natural lashes?

Honestly the answer is yes, if you pull them out!!!!! If you pull out the enhancement, you will no longer have that natural lash attached to your eye as it will still be stuck to the lash enhancement. Continue to have them replaced and pull them out and it will weaken your natural lash. SO actually the answer is.........

No, they will not harm your natural lashes; as long as you’re not pulling them out! 


I have heard that you can lose your natural lashes, why would this happen?

There is a method of semi-permanent lashes called express or party lashes. They are much quicker to apply as the lashes are bonded to more than one eyelash, with strong glue, anywhere and everywhere that they would look good. So, because the lashes are all glued together at the base, they must must must be taken out at 2 weeks at the very latest otherwise damage to the natural lash becomes greater. This is due to fact that the faster growing lashes will pull on the slower growing lashes. LASH LUST DOES NOT OFFER THIS TREATMENT. If you have your lashes all glued together and you have paid for INDIVIDUAL LASH EXTENSIONS (ENHANCEMENTS) (£70-£120), you have received the wrong treatment and you should seek your money back. Express lashes are in the region on £45 per treatment.


Are there other ways to damage your natural lashes with EE?

If you have experienced individual eyelash enhancements where more than one lash/eyelash is glued together, this IS the express set, and will result in your lashes needing rehab. So get in touch with the technician who provided them to take them off, or better still come to Lash Lust and let Jenna take them off for you for only £10 or FREE when booked with a full set.


Stickies lashes like this occasionally happen with an experienced technician, but it is not the norm and a one off will not permanently damage your eyelashes or the longevity of your lash enhancements. However, if you have used this type of lash on multiple occasions, in your best interests Jenna may ask for your lashes to have a recovery break before she applies a LASH LUST set.


The other way they could damage your natural lashes, as I said before, is if you pull them out, or using eyelash curlers or eyelash perming. 




(Even if you've had a patch test somewhere else)




If you miss us then please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Please note: 

- All pregnant women MUST be re-patch tested to allow us to continue to apply eyelash extensions. 





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