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About Dr. Tania Robakowska 


Doctor Tania Robakowska is a GMC registered, fully insured Doctor whose passion in aesthetic beauty treatments and procedures shows in each and every treatment she performs whether it be a single procedure or long term treatment plan.


About treatments



?Will I look worse if I suddenly stop treatment? 


No you will just simply continue to age as you would naturally do, your treatment will continue to work until they eventually dissolve.


?How long will my results last? It depends on your skin quality, facial features, your metabolism. 


Treatment can last from 3 months to 2 years but in general you should expect 6-12 months. By continued smaller top up treatments it would last considerably longer.


?Do I need to continue having as many injections as I did in my initial treatment?


  No, if we achieve the desired look we have only to maintain with a top up treatment every 3-6 months.  The more you inject skin boosters the better results can be expected in natural skin quality but there are limitations in as much as you should not overdose, so do discuss this with your injector.



?Will I get the same results as the ladies mentioned  on  one of your pictures?


  No, everyone is difference, your face and your skin is unique.  I work with the material you give me; a more damaged skin requires more treatments.  Bigger volume loss/skinnier faces require 4 mls of Fillers etc.


?What will happen if I don’t like my look after Dermal Fillers?


  For all of my patients we offer free follow ups and any corrections are free if needed within the first  2months post treatment.


?Can I have all the treatments available? 


No, you MUST have a consultation and treatment plan and your practitioner should plan the best options for you.


?If I stop the treatment plan will I lose all the results achieved so far?


No, if you cannot continue with your treatment plan you may not entirely get your desired look but whatever you have had done will remain and work as normal to help and prevent aging.


?When should I start?


  You can start as early as mid 20’s if there are signs of aging or impaired skin health but you have the option to use non injectable procedures at that point


?When is it too late for injectables? 


Never, if you don’t have contraindications you may be treated at any stage of life from 20 years onwards.  Our youngest patient is a proud 79 year old. But you must remember with aging signs it is more difficult to restore your look and you may need more sessions compared to someone with less wrinkles or better skin


?Could I bring my partner or friend? 


Yes, but you will be treated separately in a confidential environment.





(Even if you've had a patch test somewhere else)




If you miss us then please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Please note: 

- All pregnant women MUST be re-patch tested to allow us to continue to apply eyelash extensions. 





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