Microblading FAQs

1. I don't want too thick brows, how can I get the best results for my needs?

Brows are measured firstly using the golden ration of symmetry using a specially designed caliper that will measure YOUR best shape to suit your head, eyes and brow bone. After that we both look to see, then we use an app with special sliders to measure. Only when we are BOTH 100% happy will we proceed. Therefore, an initial consultation is a MUST
Below is an example of the app in use:

2. What if I don't want the colour to red or grey?

We have several colours that we use for the treatment in order to get the desired results. See below for the range of colours we offer:


3. Will the strokes be realistic looking? I don't like the Chevron looking brows I've seen... 

Below is a basic pattern or flow used for PhiBrows which is adapted to your own hair if you have any. 

4. How will I look after them and how long will it take to heal? 

They will need to be washed with warm water every few hours on the first day along with the application of a balm we provide. 
Below is a picture of how you will feel and what to expect after the treatment: 


5When the pigment fades will it be a funny colour?

The pigments will not fade a funny colour as the molecules are kept the same size, so they leave the skin together. When one colour, usually red, is a larger molecule, it is slower to leave the skin, hence that colour remains for longer. 

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